About Route 26: Route 26 is a music website for the west side of Georgian Bay, following the 60km distance along Highway 26 through Collingwood, Thornbury, Meaford, and Owen Sound.  It’s a one-stop website for local music event listings, and information on musicians and musical happenings in the area.

About the blogger:  My name is Laura Conning and I'm a music lover, writer, and player based in Collingwood, ON.  A little about me...

  Laura Conning.    Photo courtesy of Sara Johnston at  Daughter and Snow

Laura Conning.  Photo courtesy of Sara Johnston at Daughter and Snow

  1. I was raised singing songs and playing guitar around bonfires.
  2. I started playing piano, guitar, and singing at age 8 and began songwriting in my early teens.
  3. I'm a singer/songwriter and cover artist who has been performing for years.  My biggest inspirations include David Bowie, Tom Waits, Joni Mitchell, Lou Reed and Leonard Cohen.
  4. I hold a Master of Arts in Popular Music & Culture from The University of Western Ontario, and an Honours Bachelor of Arts (also from Western) for a Double Major in Popular Music Studies and Film Studies.
  5. In school, my studies primarily focused on compilation film soundtracks that use sound design and popular music in innovative ways.  Some of my favourite compilation soundtracks include The Big Easy (Jim McBride 1986), The Big Lebowski (The Coen Brothers 1998), Death Proof (Quentin Tarantino 2007), An Education (Lone Scherfig 2009), Love (Gaspar Noé 2015), and Drive (Nicolas Winding Refn 2011).
  6. I love to write and I love to learn.

Now that I've introduced myself, I'd love to hear from you!  Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me via email at lauraconning@gmail.com.

You can submit your venue or band's event listings to me at lauraconning@gmail.com.  Be sure to include the artist/band name, venue, and time.  I will authenticate the listing before posting.


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