Who's playing this weekend? October 16-20

Lots and lots to talk about this week and I have limited time this morning to write this post, so my fingers are flyin’!

For the first time in a long time, I’m actually going down to a concert in Toronto tonight. I haven’t done that in soooo long, but Big Thief are playing The Phoenix and I love them. Booked back in April I think.

No reason to go down to the city this weekend though. So many great shows this week omg. Okay, let’s get to it!

Wednesday, October 16th

Matt Epp at Heartwood Hall (Owen Sound) 8pm

Matt Epp is a fantastic songwriter from the area who has toured across the country at all sorts of folk festivals, and has collaborated with the likes of Serena Ryder, Amelia Curran, and more! Matt is launching his new album ‘River of Tears’ tonight at Heartwood Hall. Sure to be a packed house. A solo, acoustic act will show off his songwriting in an intimate way.

Event details here: http://heartwoodhall.ca/?events=1084

Thursday, October 17th

The Honeyrunners HOUSE CONCERT at Bruce St. Social Club (LIMITED CAPACITY - get tickets now)

These are great dudes from Toronto. Killer musicians. Kind and hilarious people. We’ve crossed paths many a time, and all have been wonderful! They put on such a good show. Whenever I see them, I think I’m grinning like an idiot the whole time.

A house concert on the beach is absolutely the most awesome place you could see them. They’ll be pumping their new album and sharing some goodies along the way. This is one of those fabulous ‘hidden gem’ shows that you kinda have to be ‘in the know’ to find out about.

NOT TO BE MISSED! If you’re around on Thursday, check this out.

DM Steve Vipond on Facebook for details. Here’s the event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/559234701550317

Woodstock 50 Years Later at Heartwood Hall (Owen Sound) 8pm

Put on by Chris Scerri Presents, this show is filled with local amazing musicians, and celebrates the music of peace & love from Woodstock. CSNY, Janis Joplin, The Who, CCR, Jimi Hendrix, and more! Going to be a party :). The last performance in the summer got rave reviews.


Friday, October 18th

Steve Poltz at Meaford Hall

Okay, if you’ve never seen this dude perform, you need to get on that. As an audience member, you’ll really feel like you’re part of the show while Poltzy sings and storytells with you. He is soooo much fun to watch, plus the music is great! Super cool dude. I interviewed him a couple of years ago when he was in town. He was so great to talk to. Tons of experience. You can check out that interview here.

(If you’ve never heard of Steve Poltz, you may know the song ‘You Were Meant for Me’ by Jewel. Jewel and Poltz co-wrote that song, and he even appears in the music video!)

Here’s an awesome tune of his, “Hey God, I’ll Trade You Donald Trump for Leonard Cohen”.

Okay I have to share one more… just because I love this song.

The Honeyrunners at Crow (Collingwood) 10pm

SEE ABOVE! This is their Friday night show at Crow :). Gonna be a blast!

Saturday, October 19th

Rrampt’s 80s Battle of the Bands at Heartwood Hall (Owen Sound) 9pm

Rrampt always brings a party. These Battle of the Bands shows are a blast. My partner and I played the 90s one last year, and it was so fun to meet a bunch of other musicians, cover some 90s tunes, and hang out at the Heartwood. 80s sounds soooo fun too. What song would you do if you were covering 80s bands? All Night Long (Lionel Richie)? Jessie’s Girl (Rick Springfield)? In the Air Tonight (Phil Collins)? Or would you go more New Wave like Talking Heads? New Order? Or somewhere in between like Elvis Costello? Ahhh so many possibilities.

My money is on Rebecca, of Rebecca & The Arcades, covering the double octave range on A-ha’s “Take on Me” and nailing that high note ;). #challenge

Saturday and Sunday, October 20th

Tom Thomson’s Wake: An Original Folk Musical at Simcoe Street Theatre (Collingwood)

3 SHOWTIMES - full details here

Songs and stories told through the eyes of 3 people near and dear to Tom Thomson, a Canadian treasure. Original score by Shipyard Kitchen Party, a Collingwood treasure. This is part of the BMFA’s awesome Storytelling series. Tickets at bmfa.on.ca or in person at the BMFA gift shop, 65 Simcoe St. in Collingwood.

That’s it that’s all!

There are a few shows this month which I’m noticing are near or fully sold out by the time I come to write about them. It’s best to take a look at the full calendar early in the month and grab your tickets while they last. For example, Cowboy Junkies are playing Meaford Hall next week, but the website says there’s only ONE ticket left!

Enjoy the weekend, friends!

Who's playing this weekend? Oct 10-13

Thanksgiving weekend! Yes! This is typically my favourite weekend of the year, because a) Fall is the best season, b) I get to hang with my awesome family, and c) Turkey dinner. Our tradition is to go for a big hike, hang out and chat/play music, have a delicious dinner, hang out more and chat/play music more. Well that pretty much describes every summer weekend as well, BUT, Thanksgiving weekend is my favourite. It’s a good life.

Yesterday I had the day off, and I went for a nice walk with my dog at Loree Forest. I ran into a nice, albeit somewhat lost, lady who was up visiting the area for a few days. We walked together and chatted. It was a great reminder of how lucky we are to live here; I often find myself really ‘selling’ the area to people without even trying. This beautiful region, the people, the Arts, the shopping, the food & drink, the adventure… it’s all wonderful.

Now that I’ve gushed…

There are a few shows I want to point out this weekend. If you happen to be in the area over Thanksgiving and want to catch some live music, here are my picks.

Thursday, October 10th

Sweet Alibi wsg Drew McIvor at Heartwood Hall (Owen Sound) 7:30pm

I just love everything I hear from Sweet Alibi. CBC Radio 2 could play them all day long and I’d be happy. Three part female harmonies, great dynamics, poppy/folky/soulful songs. All good stuff.

AND they happen to have my friend Drew McIvor opening for them, who is an amazing dude. I know I’ve talked about him many times before. I also did an article with him a couple years back about a great album of his. You can check that out here.

So yeah, if you’re around on Thursday night, this is a must-see.

Friday, October 11th

Berman Billings at Crow (Collingwood) 10PM

If you’re a sucker for pedal steel like me (and if you’re not, you just don’t know you are), these guys are up your alley.

A chill yet lively duo with a mix of sweet originals and some covers will take the stage at Crow on Friday night. Sounds like a great night for pizza and cocktails!

Saturday, October 12th

Basically everything I have listed for Saturday night sounds like a killer time, so check out the full calendar here.

The Sadies at Marsh Street Centre (Clarksburg) 7PM

Sorry but how is this not sold out? It’s The Sadies! I mean… too many good things to say here. I have fangirled over them at Horseshoe on New Years Eve, Call the Office (in London) on some university Saturday night, and I think some other places that are too foggy to remember.

The Sadies are freaking incredible and seem to have crossed paths with everybody. Gord Downie, Andre Williams, Neko Case, Neil Young, and most recently, Kurt Vile! This tune came up on my recommended tracks the other day and, yeah, it’s on heavy rotation.

SO if you’re free on Saturday night, GO TO CLARKSBURG. Enjoy.

Get your tickets here, now.

If you can’t make it to that on Saturday…

There are three other awesome shows happening that night. Quick recap:

Live Music Trivia (presented by Rrampt) at Heartwood Hall (Owen Sound)

Gonna be a party. No cheating. There will be tough competition guaranteed.

Horseshoes & Handgrenades at Harbour Street (Collingwood)

Power group of local pros who know how to show you a good time. Dancing shall happen. Beer shall happen. Great singing and guitar solos shall happen. Mediocre singing-along by audience members shall also happen.

Zuffalo at Crow (Collingwood).

Funky psychedelic rock! These guys are known to also throw a killer dance party. Get yo groove on.

Sunday, October 13th

Jam with your family at home and enjoy your turkey! Sleep in on Monday. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Who's playing this weekend? October 3-6

Happy October!

Best month of the year? In my opinion, yes probably. I love October. All things spooky. I have my Halloween playlist on standby.

Just a few things I wanted to point out for this weekend.

All weekend - Small Halls Festival

The Small Halls Festival in Clearview shows off some of the hidden gem venues in the area with fun Arts events. There are a bunch of really fun things happening there this year, including Euchre tournaments (proudly Canadian), concerts (check out the Nice Horse and the Good Enough Live Karaoke shows), an improv show, and OktoberFEAST.

Full details here: https://www.smallhallsfestival.ca/schedule

Friday, October 4

My Son the Hurricane at Heartwood Hall (Owen Sound)

Okay, so this is actually a SOLD OUT event, but maybe on the day of there will be some last minute tickets? Worth checking out.

Epic 13 piece brass band with funk, hip hop and soul elements. They bring the party. Like… they seriously bring it. They always sell out. So go like them on Facebook and stuff so that you never miss one of their shows in the area.

Funky Truth at Harbour Street Fish Bar (Collingwood)

This is a reunion show for some locals, including Adam Webster, Matt Webster, and Mike Weir. Funky Truth was their band back over 10 years ago, and since then they’ve all gone on to continue to make incredible music and do incredible things! I’m hoping that this reunion show kicks off a new future for these guys, and I know that it’s going to be an awesome party with a bunch of the old crew coming out to see them.

Here’s a throwback:

Saturday, October 5th

Ace of Wands at Crow Bar and Variety (Collingwood)

There’s a bunch of stuff going on this day, but this is the one show I wanted to highlight.

Basically, this band just looks dope. You know I’m a sucker for edgy female frontwomen, and this songwriting is hitting me in all the right places. Bound to be a good night!

Here’s their website for more band details: http://aceofwandsband.com/

That’s all for this week!

I am waiting on a few more listings to fill up this month’s calendar. Also, if you have something going on in the area that you don’t see on the calendar, send me a note and I’ll be sure to add it for you: lauraconning@gmail.com

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Who's playing this weekend? September 26-29

This weekend at a glance: electro-pop, gritty folk rock, singer-songwriter, blues, opera, and bluegrass.

(Not all at the same show.)

There’s a lot going on this weekend, but here are some shows that particularly pique my interest. I encourage you to check out the full calendar to see what’s the best fit for you and your buddies.

Friday, September 27th

The PepTides at Heartwood Hall 8:30pm

A-e-s-t-h-e-t-i-c. These guys look and sound the part of electro-pop; it’s like ‘80s new wave, but modernized. There’s also a ton of soul and funk elements in here. I’m really intrigued.

Rebecca Rain at Huron Club 8pm

I’ve been itching to go see local singer-songwriter Rebecca Rain perform again. She’s a total sweetheart, and has the chops to match. With her latest single, ‘Heartbreak Revival’, you would expect to find her in a Nashville bar, but we are lucky enough to have her right here in Collingwood!

Saturday, September 28th

Black Suit Devil at The Corner 8pm

Last year, Sari Connell did a Q&A with Black Suit Devil for Route 26. You can find that here. His songwriting style has elements of classic folk artists like Bob Dylan, mixed with the grittiness and soul of someone like Chris Cornell. The Corner would be a perfect spot to catch him (while enjoying a pint).

Rob Elder at Crow 10pm

Pretty sure I’ve recommended Rob in one of these blog posts before, but it’s because he deserves it! Incredible homegrown talent here. I love his music. And getting out to Crow on a Saturday night is always a good time.

Sunday, September 29th

A couple of cool things going on this Sunday, as well. So don’t stay out too late Saturday night ;).

Rhyme ‘N’ Reason at Desboro Music Hall 2pm

Like bluegrass? Harmonies? Pickin’? These guys blend traditional and gospel styles of bluegrass, and they sound killer. (Hey Uncle Rob, if you’re reading this–serious harmony inspiration here!)

Music for a Sunday Afternoon 3pm

This series at Simcoe Street Theatre (Collingwood) always brings in really great music. This weekend you’ll hear beautiful and familiar arias from some real pro opera singers. Ahhhh it’ll be so beautiful in that theatre!


There’s actually a ton of stuff going on this weekend. Not just in music, but also in fun Fall artsy type festival things. I’m planning on a big hike with my pals and my puppy. See you out there!

This Weekend: Collingwood Art Crawl AND Troubadour Festival!

Big weekend around here! This is a shorter post, because there are really just two things I want to draw your attention to:

Collingwood Art Crawl - Saturday, September 21, 2019

The Collingwood Art Crawl is hands down my favourite Collingwood event of the year. I believe I’ve said those exact words a few times over. Amazing music, amazing art, and you get to explore downtown Collingwood at night. It’s fabulous!

A couple of years ago, I was lucky enough to be asked by Andrea Rinaldo to be the Music Co-ordinator for the event. So I know first hand exactly how much work and preparation goes into this beautiful night. The Town of Collingwood has teamed up with Andrea to put on such a magnificent tribute to our local Arts community. Come explore, wander, and take it all in.

I’ll be wandering around myself, and playing some music with my partner (our duo is Honeymoon Phase) at Clerkson’s Home Store.

Full lineup and details here: http://collingwoodartcrawl.com/

unnamed (1).jpg

Troubadour Festival - Barrie - Friday, September 20 - Saturday, September 21, 2019

Over Barrie way, there is another fantastic event. And wow, they’re bringing in some big names. Just look at this:

troubadour festival barrie 2019

So YEAH, that’s pretty awesome.

Explore all the details yourself here: https://troubadourfestival.ca/

And that’s all I have to say about that!

I’ll see you around this weekend ;)