NEW LOCATION: Mad Dog's Vinyl Cafe

So I checked out the new Mad Dog's Vinyl Cafe today (239 Hurontario Street) and it has got me soooo excited!


Here's a breakdown of my 5 favourite features:

1. Retro chic everything.

2. Cool, super nice staff.  The vibe is awesome.

3. Main floor is records, coffee and contemplation.  Basement is your dream jam room from 1975, complete with green carpet.


4. I walked away with three excellent albums today (Paul Simon, Nina Simone, and Toronto), and so many more on the wish list.

5. All ages can hang out and talk about music here, which is ideal for building up the local music scene!



This place is reeeeeally cool guys.  Think High Fidelity, but without John Cusack complaining about women.  You definitely need to find some time to check it out!  239 Hurontario Street.