Courtney Dubois' First EP 'Geode' is Beautiful

I think it's pretty easy to tell when someone has a natural gift.  For Courtney Dubois, it's singing, songwriting, and connecting with her audience.  I heard Courtney perform at Collingwood's Live & Original Music Series earlier this year, and even in a big cold arena she was able to command attention and create a sense of intimacy.  She only played a couple songs, but it was clear immediately that this is her life and her passion.  Her songs are thoughtful, personal, yet universal, and her voice is sweet and soulful.  She sounded wonderful.  I'm always overwhelmed when I see someone like that live for the first time.  I've been stalking her on Instagram ever since.

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Courtney has been working with Atrial Records out of Barrie, ON on her first ever EP, 'Geode'.  She describes the concept:

"For those who don’t know what a geode is, it’s a hollow sphere-like mineral that on the outside looks like an ordinary rock, but on the inside is lined with different kinds of minerals that over time have been crystallized.

I decided to title my EP GEODE when I heard the geode compared to an artist in search of their hidden gems in a Hayao Miyazaki film called Whisper of the Heart. It’s a beautiful movie, and an analogy I fell in love with.

I’ve geared my EP towards this geode concept, keeping the songs raw and unpolished, and allowing them to exist as they are." - 
Taken from Courtney Dubois' Bio at

The album is revealing about her life and experiences, while retaining enough ambiguity that we can all relate to her words.  My favourite picks are "All in One Day" and "Chasing Deer".  But enough of me obsessing, have a listen for yourself:

YEAH.  It's so good, right?!

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You can catch Courtney Dubois LIVE tomorrow night at Simcoe Street Theatre.  I can't wait to hear her again.  Mike Charette, another Collingwood Live & Original alumni member, will also be performing tunes from his latest album!  It's going to be a really awesome evening.

More details and tickets here: