Laura's Picks: April 28th-30th

Hey everyone!  This is another jam-packed weekend with lots of great music going on.  I personally have to pick and choose and I'm not sure how I'm gonna do it!  Here are some of the highlights that I'm torn between.

First of all, it's JAZZMANIA this weekend in Thornbury, and there are a ton of great events to check out.  Way too many to include in this post.  One in particular that looks awesome to me is The Fraser Melvin Band at Sisi's on Saturday night.  Check them out below, and check out the entire weekend lineup here:

Now, my recommendations outside of Jazzmania...

Friday, April 28th:

7pm-10pm: Hunnay! at The Red Door in Meaford.  I've been in touch with Karen Witt, part of this female songwriting duo with Laura Somers, a little bit, but I have yet to meet her or hear these ladies live.  Judging by online buzz and the YouTube videos I've checked out, they're quite a dynamic duo.  I really want to see them perform soon.  Is it just me or do they have like a female grunge 90s style thing going on?  Love it.  They've been huddled away writing new songs for a new album, so I must meet these two soon!

8pm-11:30pm: Kayla Luky and Marshall Veroni at Heartwood Concert Hall in Owen Sound.  Again, I haven't seen these guys live, but I really want to.  Some of my friends have performed with them, and I hear great things.  Beautiful folk songwriting that's sure to inspire.  I like that.

8:30-11:30pm:  Adam Webster at The Huron Club.  Adam is a good friend and the first time I heard him was one of the first times I was inspired to create Route 26.  It was when I started to recognize the incredible talent this area has to offer, and when I started desiring an online source to learn about all the great musical people and players around here.  Wicked guitarist and powerful, soulful singer.  When he plays The Huron Club he gets to play around with more interesting songs and perform some original material, because it's a welcoming and intimate lounge space.  Always guaranteed a good performance.  He doesn't have much posted online, but here's an older video that can give you an idea of his talents (he has since lost the dreads and recently gained a baby with his partner):

Saturday, April 29th:

7pm-10pm: Coldjack and Eddie Bullen at Meaford Hall.  Coldjack's feel is of R&B, funk, groove, soul, and combined with Caribbean rhythms from Eddie Bullen, this sounds like a really cool show.  I love interesting rhythms and R&B vibes, so it sounds great to me.

8pm-10pm: Carlos del Junco & The Blues Mongrels at Simcoe Street Theatre.  If you're into blues and jazz, this is a good weekend for you.  There's all the Jazzmania stuff, plus this (and my next recommendation).  This is an awesome blackbox theatre in Collingwood, and the sound is always so good in there.  The caliber of musicianship between Carlos del Junco, Henry Heillig, and Eric St. Laurent is pretty extraordinary, so you may notice them sway from blues to a variety of other genres like "New Orleans second line grooves, jazz swing, Latin, hip-hop, or ska melodies, to swampy roots rock" (quoted from their press release).

8pm-11pm: Jack de Keyzer Band at Harbour Street Fish Bar.  Jack is back!  I saw him when he was last in town, and the place was packed (I'm definitely rhyming too much here).  Really fun time.  He's so so so good, and the band behind him is top notch too.  Like I said above, if you're into blues and jazz, this is a great weekend for you.  Sidenote: I have an (inherited) Bopcats album on vinyl.  Just sayin.  (The Bopcats is Jack de Keyzer's rockabilly band from the '80s.)

Sunday, April 30th:

12pm-2pm: Open Mic at The Barn Co-op in Meaford.  There's some great Jazzmania stuff happening this Sunday too, BUT I encourage everyone to come out to The Barn where I'll be hosting this week's open mic!  I want to shake a bunch of hands and meet a bunch of musicians!

Okay, I know I haven't really narrowed down your choices, but maybe you have a better idea now of some of the cool music happening this weekend!  Please do check out the Jazzmania website, as it looks like a fantastic event.  There's a lot of stuff I didn't mention here, so also check out the Route 26 events page for the full calendar of listings.  And as always, don't hesitate to email me at, or reach out via Facebook or Instagram.