Crow's First Weekend

The buzz is all about Crow. Bar & Variety.  I guess you could say... the bird is the word.  A good rock and roll bar has been a long time comin for Collingwood; I think we were all feeling the need for some nightlife in this neck of the woods.  And supporting live and original music ain't bad neither!

Crow intends to support emerging artists with a Wednesday night residency, where a band will be booked for a month of Wednesdays to hone their live craft and get a bit of a reputation.  Thursdays will be open mic night.  Fridays and Saturdays will be original music from a variety of awesome bands.

They're kicking things off this weekend with Freeman Dre and Lonny Knapp (of Freeman Dre & the Kitchen Party).  According to Crow's Facebook page, they may bring some friends as well?  Saturday night will be storyteller/songwriter Arthur Renwick.

So excited to finally experience this place that I've been anxiously awaiting for the past year!