JUSTIN NOZUKA in the Village tomorrow!

I remember back in high school, a boy I had a crush on introduced me to Justin Nozuka's music.  I listened to "Golden Train" and "Be Back Soon" (off his 2006 album 'Holly") on repeat.  Eleven years later, Nozuka is still crushing it in the Toronto singer/songwriter scene, and you can hear that his music has evolved.  "Right By You" off of his 2014 album 'Ulysees' is haunting and soulful.  Video below.

My friend Sara Johnston of the beautiful blog Daughter and Snow will be heading to the show tomorrow.  She remembers seeing Nozuka years back in Toronto when he was just starting out.  The song "Save Him", a lyrically gripping song, is the one that gets her right in the feels.

Well, this songwriting powerhouse is coming to Blue Mountain Village tomorrow night!  Opening for him will be Nefe, another incredible, soulful singer/songwriter originally from Guelph, ON.  Check out her video for "Let Me Know" below.

This is not one to miss!  These guys are incredible musicians.

It all starts Friday night at 7pm on the Blue Mountain Village Coca-Cola Stage.  More info here: http://bluemountainvillage.ca/events/2017/fnis