Friday Night Indie Series FINAL SHOW: Alysha Brilla w/ opener Janice Jo Lee

Alysha Brilla is an incredible singer/songwriter who has been crafting and performing her unique brand of folk/R&B/jazz for over a decade.  It's impossible to not get swept up in the rhythm while listening to Brilla's tunes; she blends a funky brass band sound with lyrics typically heard in folk music settings, backed up by Indian and African rhythms and instrumentation.  Basically, she's a superstar spiritual feminist QUEEN.  Her new album, Rooted, is being released on September 29th.

Joining her will be Korean-Canadian singer/songwriter Janice Jo Lee, who is accompanying Brilla at the "Rooted" album release.  Janice Jo Lee also approaches subjects in feminism, spirituality, cultural diversity, and politics in her music, which combines some spoken word elements with pop melodies.  Lee's talent with looping pedals is really highlighted on her latest album, "Sing Hey".  Listen below.

Check out both Alysha Brilla and Janice Jo Lee in this video for Brilla's tune "Bigger Than That".

It's gonna be a GOOD GOOD GOOOOOD night at the village! The fun starts at 7pm.  More details here: