Supporters of Local Music Doing Awesome Things in June

As always, there are a ton of great artists gigging in the area this June, as you can see on the calendar!  But, ALSO, there are a few really cool events happening that are being presented independently by various local supporters of local music!  What do I mean by that?  Well...

FIRSTLY: On Sunday, June 3rd, I'm doing the first ever "Route 26 Presents" show!  Two incredible Ontario bands, who have been on tour all Spring, are meeting in Collingwood for what's sure to be a phenomenal Sunday evening show.  These bands are The Lifers, and (opener) Benjamin Dakota Rogers.  I wrote more about this event in a featured article HERE.  But here's a glimpse at the outstanding musicianship that will be performing:

So yeah, you should come.  It's going to be magical.  Buy tickets here (or pay extra at the door):

Facebook page for that is here:

SECONDLY: Do you know COSOCO?  It's this super cool local collective, the 'Collingwood Sound Collective' (CoSoCo).  They've released a bunch of locally made compilation albums, where each of the contributors writes a song based around a particular theme. You can check out all of those here:

COSOCO is doing a local show at Simcoe Street Theatre on June 8th, with two of the primary bands in the collective: HAAR and Hot Pants.  Facebook page for that is here:  I hear tickets are going fast so get yours before they're gone!

THIRDLY: The Port Music Festival–A locally supported music festival, jam-packed with local music!  On Saturday, June 16th, come hang out at the Shipyard Amphitheatre and take in local jams all day long.  This awesome outdoor summer festival supports Connaught Public School's music program.  Facebook event page is here:

Here's the lineup:

port music festival 2018.jpg

AND FINALLY: Jayden Grahlman is a need-to-know local musician.  He's one of the first musicians who inspired me to take action and create Route 26 to show off the crazy good talent in this area.  And he's releasing his FIRST ALBUM, 'Diving In', at Heartwood Hall on June 28th!  Can't wait to hear this.  Jayden is simply awesome.  Facebook event page for that is here:

So get out there this June and support some great local music and local supporters of local music!  This summer is going to be so incredible!!!