Who's playing this weekend? August 22-25


Ummm how is it August 21st already? What?

Summer is (I guess?) winding down… so let’s make the most out of these last couple of summer weekends. That being said, I’m sure September will be absolutely gorgeous as well.

I have a few things to talk about for this weekend so let’s hop to it.

Thursday, August 22nd

Open Mic at Crow Bar & Variety (hosted by Craig Smith) (Collingwood) 9ish to midnight ish

If you haven’t been out to Crow on a Thursday night, you’re not doing it right.

Locals get together to sing originals, jam covers, dance, and carry on. It’s the best open mic in town, and everyone is super welcoming and friendly. I know a group of young’ns who have a tendency to go jump off the pier into the lake partway through the evening, too, so that’s fun (for them).

Here’s Hot Pants doing their magical thang at Crow’s open mic:

Friday, August 23rd

Switchbeat at Harbour Street (Collingwood) 8pm - 11 pm

First, this band looks like an amaaaaazing time. Second, they’re pros. Frontwoman Nikki Ponte, according to her Wikipedia page, rose to fame while on the Greece version of X Factor, and then went on to sign with Sony, and then to represent Greece in the Eurovision competition in 2011! So cool!

They’re doing a bunch of wedding gigs this season, so it would be very awesome to catch them in a cool local bar like Harbour Street.

Austin McCarthy (full band!) at Crow (Collingwood) 9:30pm to midnight ish

Austin is bringing his whole band in for this night!! He is epic and this is sure to be an incredible night. Great songwriting, killer band, musical family. If you’re under the impression that young people don’t know how to play the blues, you’re DEAD WRONG, FRIENDO.

Tragedy Ann at Coffin Ridge Boutique Winery (Meaford) 6pm

Coffin Ridge is a really fun, beautiful, boutique winery outside of Meaford. As indicated by their name, they have a gothic theme, complete with little wooden coffins to display some of their wine bottles!!! Last time I was there, I had a charcuterie board, wine (duh), and sat around an outdoor fireplace enjoying the view of the rolling hills. Uhhhhh best day ever? I also remember that they had episodes of The Munsters playing in the washroom! I don’t know if they still do that, but it was a class act.

Tragedy Ann is comprised of fiancés Liv Cazzola and Braden Phelan, from Guelph, ON. You may also recognize them as two pieces of the larger folk band, The Lifers! I had The Lifers up to Simcoe Street Theatre last year to do a show. We did a little Q&A at that time too, which you can find here. You might also recognize their music if you have seen the Route 26 promo video.

Tragedy Ann is a modern an intimate folk duo whose chemistry shines through in every song. They’re finishing up their ‘Matches in the MIddle’ Tour this weekend in our neck of the woods! (More about their final show later in this post!)


Friday, August 23rd AND Saturday, August 24th

Georgian Triangle Music Festival (Wasaga Beach)

Fun stuff happening at the beach this weekend! A ton of great local and touring acts playing some venues around the beach, so it would be really fun to hang out there for one (or both) of the days and enjoy!

Full schedule and lineup here.

One band that is always really fun to catch is Swampy & the Note Troll. They’re playing Friday, August 23 at the Main Street Market in Wasaga Beach. Details here.

FUN FACT: Did you know that frontman Dr. Cody ‘Swamp’ Thompson holds a PhD in Controlled Environment Agriculture and researches plants in outer space? THIS IS REAL. Like.. growing plants on Mars. UMMM WHAT?! So cool. Rock star scientist.

FUN FACT 2: Josh ‘The Note Troll’ Maitland is also the man. He owns and operates Red Room Recordings here in Collingwood, and he is a pro. Also a very very nice man.

Sunday, August 25th

Tragedy Ann at Jon and Bri’s (House Concert in Owen Sound)

Remember when I told you all about how intimate and beautiful Tragedy Ann is? Well, house concerts tend to amplify the intimacy and beauty of any act. Sooooo bring kleenex and be prepared to have sore cheeks from smiling all night.

Liv and Braden are closing out their August ‘Matches in the Middle’ tour with this show. Full details and tickets here.

I honestly can’t think of a more perfect way to spend a summery Sunday afternoon than listening to these two serenade me. They’re wonderful and darling and brilliant musicians.

So without further ado…

Soak it up and practice your ‘support local’ love this weekend, because it’s going to be a blast.

Bye for now!