Something you should go to tomorrow

The Lifers, Annie Sumi, and Andrew Nunno are performing at The Bleeding Carrot in Owen Sound tomorrow, Saturday May 20th, from 7pm-10:30pm.  If you're hanging out in the area, I highly recommend catching these artists.  I went to university with Liv Cazzola of The Lifers and I can honestly say she is a beautiful artist inside and out.  The Lifers consists of Liv and her sister, Anita Cazzola, and their sibling bond shines through in their performances.  Sweet harmonies will bring multiple smiles to your face.

The Lifers have been touring with independent singer-songwriter Annie Sumi, and their road time is reaching an end with this show.  Joining them is local musician Andrew Nunno.  Here are some examples of everyone's work:

More info can be found on the event page here: 

Summerfolk is here!

Incredible talent all around at Summerfolk this year.  How's a person supposed to see all the bands?  I need one of those time shifter things to allow me to be in two places at once, like Hermione Granger.  I mean seriously, the fabulous essence of Coco Love Alcorn, the always bright and fun Olivia & the Creepy Crawlies, the beautiful harmonies of sister act The Lifers, that goddamn voice of Lindi Ortega, the hip hop brass band epicness of My Son the Hurricane, the virtuosic guitar cool guy Maneli Jamal, oh and uh the legendary BRUCE COCKBURN... My head is spinning.  This is going to be one for the ages.

Check out everything you need to know about Summerfolk here:

And here's a little number by The Small Glories to get you into the cool summery folk fun vibe: