Who's playing this WEEK? August 7-11

Listen up. It’s another big summer weekend ‘round these parts.

We’ve got Sidelaunch Days in Collingwood, Creemore Nights, and fun stuff happening in Blue Mountains, Meaford, and Owen Sound too. So check out the calendar and pick your poison.

However, I do have some recommendations! Full details for all of these things can be found through the calendar.

This week we’re gonna kick it off on a WEDNESDAY!

Wednesday, August 7th

Turbo Street Funk Band at Jazz at the Station 6pm - 8pm

Bring a lawn chair, but be ready to boogie out of it. These are some heavy hitters.

Thursday, August 8th

Horseshoes & Handgrenades Live at Ted’s Range Road Diner (Meaford) 8pm - midnight

Frontman Chris Scerri is the bees knees, and the band behind him is pretty forking awesome too. This is sure to be a seriously rocking night. I would take Friday off if I were you. You will definitely have a sore throat from scream-singing along to classic rock all night.

horseshoes and handgrenades

Jayden Grahlman at Huron Club

If you feel like taking it a bit easier (or you can’t get Friday off), check out Jayden Grahlman at Huron Club in Collingwood. I love this spot for drinks and shareables. Plus, Jayden is a phenomenal guitar player and singer-songwriter.

Here’s the title track off his album Diving In.

Friday, August 9th

Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar at Creemore Nights 6pm - 9:30pm

Wow okay this is going to be a weekend of dancing. Maybe stock up on some of those Dr. Scholl’s gel pad things for your shoes?

Samantha Martin will steal your heart and make you scream YASSS constantly, the entire time she’s singing with her killer band.

Plus, what a better reason to head over to Creemore early on Friday afternoon and check out the fantastic shops and restaurants? (Eastwood Vintage, I’m coming for you.)

Rob Elder Trio at Heartwood Hall (Owen Sound) 7:30 (doors)

Rob Elder is a brilliant local singer-songwriter and Heartwood Hall is absolutely the perfect venue to catch him in with his trio.

I’m super impressed by this guy’s ability to craft songs and sing them with so much soul. Check out some of his stuff from his latest album here:

Saturday, August 10

Okay I have 3 recommendations for this night SOOOO I guess just choose the one that speaks to you the most?

Good luck because these are all incredibly special artists and people.

Falcon Jane at Crow (Collingwood) 9:30-midnight

Yes, I’m going to keep recommending Falcon Jane every time they come to town. Yes. They’re fantastic. Go chill with them.

Must Stash Hat w/ Colour Picture Book at Heartwood Hall (Owen Sound) 8:00 (doors)

Two funky, soulful bands that will make you feel all kinds of good. If you’re in a groove-out-must-party-now sort of mood, this is your jam.

Miranda Journey at Huron Club 8pm-11pm

Beautiful soul with a beautiful voice (and face and hair). This young songwriter is melting the hearts of everyone she meets. Catch her before she moves to Guelph!

“Skin and Bones” is the song that will be stuck in your head all week.

Diner en Blanc South Georgian Bay (Collingwood)

Not technically a recommendation because this is a SOLD OUT event, but still…

This event is now Waiting List only, but if you were lucky enough to get tickets, you’re in for a hell of a night. I am told there will be a special surprise musical guest… EEEEE! Last year it was Lemon Bucket Orkestra, so I’m sure it’ll be someone epic again.

Check out the swanky details here.

diner en blanc south georgian bay collingwood

Sunday, August 11th

Okay, last but not least…

Sidelaunch Days (last day) in Collingwood

This is going on from Friday to Sunday, but it looks like the majority of the live music stuff is going on on Sunday evening. So if you’re in Collingwood this weekend, definitely check out the activities and have some fun playing in the water (SUP races, yes). Then hang out around the amphitheatre on Sunday evening and enjoy fantastic music!

This is an awesome event that draws a huge crowd every year.

Full details and schedule here.

That’s it folks!

I wish you all the best in your musical wanderings this weekend.