Who's playing Canada Day weekend? June 28-July 1 (plus a local Canada Day playlist)


What are your plans for the long weekend?

Whatever you’re doing, I hope that red and white clothing, friends and family, laughter, games, and music are all involved!

There will be fun Canada Day events happening all over the place, from downtown Collingwood, to Blue Mountain village, to Thornbury, to Meaford, to Owen Sound, and I’m sure lots of other little gems in between. So no matter where you are, wander downtown, or to the waterfront, and check out what your local hangs have to offer.

As far as the Route 26 calendar goes, there are a few recommendations I can make!

Friday, June 28

Flat 5 at Crow. Bar & Variety 9(ish)-12(ish)

Friday night there is an awesome funk band playing at Crow in Collingwood. Flat 5. They’ve played here before and they are infectious. Check out this jam:

Sound of Pride at Heartwood Hall

If you’re a little further north, I would definitely be hitting up Heartwood Hall in Owen Sound. They’ve got DJ Strobe doing a Pride dance night. In honour of Pride month, get out there and show your love–no matter who you love!

Here are some more deets:


Saturday, June 29

This is the day you’ll probably be out in the sun all day partying it up. So. A couple tips from a seasoned pro:

  1. Pace yo-self. No one wants to be hungover at 5pm. (Seriously, drink responsibly. You’ll feel better and ready for more fun on Sunday that way.)

  2. Say yes to adventure. Tiptoe outside your comfort zone. Wander downtown to see what’s going on. Make new friends. Take a drive to a neighbouring town to explore. Hike somewhere you’ve never been before. Jump in the lake! Whatever feels like good old fashioned Canadian FUN to you this weekend, try it.

  3. Support local. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, there is fun stuff going on EVERYWHERE this weekend. If you’re in town, support your local businesses, arts and culture, and community events. If you’re in a new town, support theirs!

Now, Saturday night.

Tommy Youngsteen–The Best of the Rolling Stones at Marsh Street Centre 7-11pm

Tommy Youngsteen puts on a killer show all across Ontario. They’re more known for their Bruce Springsteen cover shows, so this Rolling Stones tribute is something a little different. As a die hard Stones fan myself, this show sounds like a riot. Plus it’s in the amazing Marsh Street Centre in Clarksburg, which I love.

Note this is a ticketed event. More details here.

Can’t find a video of them doing a Stones song, but here’s a cover of Dancing in the Dark that will get you boppin:

Drew Wright at Huron Club 8-11pm

Okay, so it’s Saturday night, you’ve been in the sun all day, and you want to chill out. I can relate. Wellllll then why not meet up for apps and drinks at Huron Club (in Collingwood) and listen to the gorgeous voice (and sweet guitar) of Drew Wright? Drew is basically a local legend; he was made especially famous when he was a top three finalist on season 6 of Canadian Idol. We’re so lucky to have him in town playing intimate gigs like this. He’ll knock your socks off.

Sunday, June 30 and Monday, July 1

I don’t have recommendations for these days, but there will be live music going on all over the place. Wander, hang with family and friends, tip the musicians, and enjoy the fireworks.

Canada Day - Route 26 playlist

Hey, maybe you’ll be at a bonfire singing some tunes on your own! I’ve definitely been working on my Canada Day weekend playlist. Here are some (just SOME) awesome tracks from locals, ex-locals, and Ontarian frequenters of the Georgian Bay area.

(Thanks to Jesse Wilkinson at Rrampt for some addition recommendations to this list too!)

Track List

  1. Front Door - The Lifers

  2. Watercolours - Marshall Veroni

  3. Diving In - Jayden Grahlman

  4. Birchbark - Courtney Dubois

  5. Dig Down Deep - Rob Elder

  6. Good News - Coco Love Alcorn

  7. 45’s and 33’s - Drew McIvor

  8. Sunday Mornin’ - Austin McCarthy

  9. Fool Me Again - Karla Crawford

  10. Try - L CON

  11. Skin and Bones - Miranda Journey

  12. Marmora Blue - Drew McIvor

  13. High For You - Shane Cloutier ft. Frank Marino

  14. Wishbone - Craig Smith

  15. Heartbreak Revival - Rebecca Rain

  16. Painting the Town - The Silver Hearts

  17. Georgian Bay - Ian Raeburn

  18. Somewhere in the Middle - Frank Deresti and The Lake Effect

  19. Take 5 - Kolston Gogan

  20. Go With the Flow - Falcon Jane

  21. I Don’t Owe You Anything - Morgan Barrie

  22. I Don’t Like Smoking Anymore - Sterling and the Birdwatchers

  23. This Time Around - Colour Picture Book

  24. Bones - The Honeyrunners

  25. Reverie - Fanny Price


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