Who's playing this weekend? July 11-14

Well I know one event that definitely won’t be in the recommendations this week… Roxodus! What the hell happened there? Only time will tell, I suppose. I, unfortunately, don’t have any hot gossip for you about it.

However, I would argue that you can have an even better time with live music in the area this weekend, regardless of not being able to see old shakey bones Steven Tyler in the middle of an airport in Edenvale (just joking, I love you Mr. Tyler). As always, there are freaking fantastic bands coming to the area this weekend, and some incredible local talent showing off what we’ve got to offer, too.

Thursday, July 11

Summer Story Slam at Thornbury Cidery 7PM

I’m a huge fan of storytelling, particularly when it’s done live. Can you think of anything more terrifying than getting up in front of a group of strangers and trying to entertain them with a 10 minute story about your life? God. That’s exactly what the courageous performers at the Georgian Bay Story Slam series do; they tell true stories from their lives. This series is always complemented with a great musical guest from the area. This Thursday it will be Ray Martini, which is a name that sticks with me after watching him at an open mic in Meaford a couple of years ago. He’s captivating, as is the entire storytelling experience.

FB Event page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/587754675056883/


Friday, July 12

ET Rhino/Crystal Finger at Heartwood Hall (Owen Sound) 9PM

Some magical people, who I’m proud to call my friends, are performing at Heartwood Hall this Friday night. Get ready to dance your butts off. These guys are pros. This is the new project from funky Jay Stiles, the guy with the glitter glasses who I have seen running through Sunset Point Park wearing nothing but an electric blue speedo on multiple occasions. It also features the other marvellous men Jayden Grahlman and Drew McIvor. That trio make up Extra Terrestrial Rhino. Adam Webster joins them on bass and vocals to make this quartet called Crystal Finger. It’s gonna be dope.

ALSO CATCH THEM IN COLLINGWOOD on Wednesday, July 10th at Crow Bar and Variety.

Mountain Head at Crow (Collingwood) 9:30PM

I haven’t seen these guys before, but this track and video have sold me. Want, need, obsessed, etc. DO NOT watch in a dark room if you are prone to seizures.

This song will actually be on repeat for me for the foreseeable future…

Saturday, July 13

Freeman Dre and the Kitchen Party at Crow (Collingwood) 9:30PM

My only tried, tested, and true recommendation for Saturday night is to see these boys. It’s the heartwarming gypsy rock you didn’t know you needed in your life. I love them. A personal favourite song is ‘Apophenia’, but truly anything they play gets you going in all the right places.

So glad you decided to take this show on the road, boys (Route 26, to be exact).

Sue Foley – The Ice Queen at Harbour Street (Collingwood) 9PM

Nothing like a boss bitch playing the blues. Hell yes. Canadian blues artist Sue Foley will be at Harbour Street Fish Bar this weekend touring her latest album, The Ice Queen. Catch her (and her stellar band) before she’s back in Austin with the big wigs!

Take it sleazy this weekend, Georgian Bay

The sun is hot, so let’s soak it up while we can.

Whether you’re jamming originals in the backyard with your pals, scream singing classic rock songs at 2AM around the bonfire, or catching some of this awesome live music in the area, I hope your weekend is filled with happy vibes and fun times.