Who's playing this weekend? July 25-28

(Not going to talk about Elvisfest, but it is this weekend. All details here.)

There are a couple of events I want to talk about this weekend. Incredible things are happening, presented by really great people, in Owen Sound and Meaford. These are the types of events that make me think “Oh god, I don’t think I’m cool enough to be here.” I predict that this is gonna be the best weekend of music of the whole summer.


PART ONE: Railyard Music Festival

The first is Railyard Music Festival, presented by Rrampt and Mudtown Station. This Saturday in Owen Sound. Great great great music (because it’s Rrampt) like Falcon Jane, L CON, and The Responsables, to name a few. Your ticket includes an epic, insta-worthy BBQ dinner from Mudtown Station and Chef Tyler Cunningham. Bound to be absolutely dope (is it still cool to say dope?) and rad (oh god).

Full details here (Facebook page).

Direct to tickets here.

railyard music festival rrampt

Falcon Jane (fb page here)

I did a little Q&A with Falcon Jane’s frontwoman Sara May when this track was released. She’s the best. Revisit that interview here.

Interestingly, Falcon Jane recorded their last record with Lisa Conway and Andrew Collins of Wildlife Sanctuary Sound, who were my first ever feature for Route 26! Check THAT article out here!

L CON (website here)

Lisa Conway is L CON (Laura Conning could also be L CON, just sayin…). Young and already prolific, Conway has released several EPs and albums. This song, “Winner”, is her latest released. And it’s perfect. Of course.


PART TWO: Home + Home Music Fest

Okay. A couple years ago I went to the first one of these, where the headliner was Bry Webb. It was a very VERY memorable evening. Partners Dave Trumble and Michelle Harrison host this beautiful night in their backyard, so bring a lawn chair. While excellent Canadian musicians do their thing for us, we chill and enjoy amidst the fresh night. Scene complete with great outdoor decor and wonderful people around.

This year, Home + Home features more awesome acts, including Fiver, Carew, and Sages, to name a few! AND it’s not just one night! There’s a show Friday night AND Saturday night. Ugh, honestly, the cool factor is like dripping cool ooze, it’s gonna be so GOOD!

Full details here (Facebook page).

Direct to tickets here (note if you want to buy for both nights, you have to buy them both separately):

Friday: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/home-home-fest-tickets-61855191543?fbclid=IwAR3fXcNuX8ON39pMPQWYyKKcmos6idPspRJEltSqScM6KDlKPRNoTxXHoA8

Saturday: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/home-home-music-fest-tickets-62163799598?fbclid=IwAR1CDGtz1dQ0-K7oR2xOJuuu0_LeDdpV9KJFTjgrJweanPDFD6Ni7lr_wOs


Ummmmm ya.

I was going to make a Spotify playlist of all this music for you guys, but honestly… just check out the different bands and listen to all their shit. It’s all so good. I’m going down the rabbit hole now.

Have a blast!