Who's playing this weekend? Oct 10-13

Thanksgiving weekend! Yes! This is typically my favourite weekend of the year, because a) Fall is the best season, b) I get to hang with my awesome family, and c) Turkey dinner. Our tradition is to go for a big hike, hang out and chat/play music, have a delicious dinner, hang out more and chat/play music more. Well that pretty much describes every summer weekend as well, BUT, Thanksgiving weekend is my favourite. It’s a good life.

Yesterday I had the day off, and I went for a nice walk with my dog at Loree Forest. I ran into a nice, albeit somewhat lost, lady who was up visiting the area for a few days. We walked together and chatted. It was a great reminder of how lucky we are to live here; I often find myself really ‘selling’ the area to people without even trying. This beautiful region, the people, the Arts, the shopping, the food & drink, the adventure… it’s all wonderful.

Now that I’ve gushed…

There are a few shows I want to point out this weekend. If you happen to be in the area over Thanksgiving and want to catch some live music, here are my picks.

Thursday, October 10th

Sweet Alibi wsg Drew McIvor at Heartwood Hall (Owen Sound) 7:30pm

I just love everything I hear from Sweet Alibi. CBC Radio 2 could play them all day long and I’d be happy. Three part female harmonies, great dynamics, poppy/folky/soulful songs. All good stuff.

AND they happen to have my friend Drew McIvor opening for them, who is an amazing dude. I know I’ve talked about him many times before. I also did an article with him a couple years back about a great album of his. You can check that out here.

So yeah, if you’re around on Thursday night, this is a must-see.

Friday, October 11th

Berman Billings at Crow (Collingwood) 10PM

If you’re a sucker for pedal steel like me (and if you’re not, you just don’t know you are), these guys are up your alley.

A chill yet lively duo with a mix of sweet originals and some covers will take the stage at Crow on Friday night. Sounds like a great night for pizza and cocktails!

Saturday, October 12th

Basically everything I have listed for Saturday night sounds like a killer time, so check out the full calendar here.

The Sadies at Marsh Street Centre (Clarksburg) 7PM

Sorry but how is this not sold out? It’s The Sadies! I mean… too many good things to say here. I have fangirled over them at Horseshoe on New Years Eve, Call the Office (in London) on some university Saturday night, and I think some other places that are too foggy to remember.

The Sadies are freaking incredible and seem to have crossed paths with everybody. Gord Downie, Andre Williams, Neko Case, Neil Young, and most recently, Kurt Vile! This tune came up on my recommended tracks the other day and, yeah, it’s on heavy rotation.

SO if you’re free on Saturday night, GO TO CLARKSBURG. Enjoy.

Get your tickets here, now.

If you can’t make it to that on Saturday…

There are three other awesome shows happening that night. Quick recap:

Live Music Trivia (presented by Rrampt) at Heartwood Hall (Owen Sound)

Gonna be a party. No cheating. There will be tough competition guaranteed.

Horseshoes & Handgrenades at Harbour Street (Collingwood)

Power group of local pros who know how to show you a good time. Dancing shall happen. Beer shall happen. Great singing and guitar solos shall happen. Mediocre singing-along by audience members shall also happen.

Zuffalo at Crow (Collingwood).

Funky psychedelic rock! These guys are known to also throw a killer dance party. Get yo groove on.

Sunday, October 13th

Jam with your family at home and enjoy your turkey! Sleep in on Monday. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!