Who's playing this weekend (Peak to Shore Edition)! July 17-21

What is Peak to Shore? In my opinion, it’s pretty similar to every other summer weekend in the area because there’s always awesome music going on, but this weekend in particular boasts a lot more highlighted acts in our neck of the woods.

It’s a festival that brings together a whole bunch of venues from Collingwood, Blue Mountain Village, and Thornbury to market regional music in the area! So, you can come to the area and explore all sorts of little hidden gems (in terms of venues, restaurants, outdoor stages, and bars) and enjoy a plethora of incredible music.

I promise I am not being sponsored to say this, but I’m a little obsessed with the organizational level of the Peak to Shore website. They seriously have everything. And it’s all laid out so nicely. SO I’m just gonna go ahead and direct you there, so that you can explore the schedule and all the different artists.


There you go.

Now, what I can do is recommend some acts that I think sound awesome. Which I shall do in a moment.

First, there is one event I want to highlight that’s not technically part of the Peak to Shore Festival because it’s up in Owen Sound.

An Evening with Colin Linden - Thursday, July 18th at Heartwood Hall

Colin Linden is a prolific musician with career highlights such as his work with the hit show Nashville (working alongside legendary T-Bone Burnett), and as one of the trio in the epic Canadian band Blackie and the Rodeo Kings. In addition to that success, he has worked alongside The Band, Lucinda Williams, Bob Dylan, Leon Redbone, and Bruce Cockburn, to name a few.

Our writer Kolston Gogan interviewed Colin when he came to CROW last fall. The article from that interview was written by Heather Beresford. Check that interview out here. I went to that show and, of course, was mesmerized. As an experienced and talented pro, Mr. Linden is captivating in his songwriting and performance.

I absolutely recommend this show.

Full details here: http://heartwoodhall.ca/?events=an-evening-with-colin-linden

Now, Here are some Peak to Shore ‘Unmissables’ (according to me)

Note that I’ll be listing these out of the proper timeline order for this weekend. You can see the full Peak to Shore schedule here.

Skydiggers featuring Paul Langlois (of the Tragically Hip) at Blue Mountain Village

Saturday, July 20th at 8PM

Ummmm ya. As a proud Canadian, this is obviously a must-see. Skydiggers are like the epitome of feel-good Canadian folkish rock. Wouldn’t you agree? They’re just GREAT. And hello, Tragically Hip. This tour with Skydiggers and Paul Langlois brings together old friends in the network of these amazing Canadian rock bands, and will feature some of Paul’s work from his solo albums.

I imagine it will be packed at the village, so maybe bring a lawn chair or grab a spot on the patio of one of the restaurants/bars in the village early to be able to chill with a beer while enjoying the tunes.

Beatles A to Z at Simcoe Street Theatre (Collingwood)

Thursday, July 18 at 7PM

Ticketed event - details here

Three incredible local musicians showing off their harmonies and guitar skills through the music of The Beatles. I love these guys, and this is bound to be a beautiful evening of music in one of my favourite little theatres ever. They will be starting with the letter ‘A’ and working their way through the whole alphabet of The Beatles! Super fun, totally sing-alongable, and just delightful. This one sounds like a blast for sure.


Whisky River at Shipyards Amphitheatre (Collingwood)

Sunday, July 21 at 8PM

I saw these guys a couple years ago at the Collingwood Live & Original Music competition, and they’re totally a good time. I can’t think of a more perfect location to watch them do their thing than at the amphitheatre while the sun is going down. It’s completely outdoors, so I am going to be your mother here and tell you to bring a hat, water, and sunscreen.

Seriously though, how perfect is this music for a Sunday chillfest?

Okay, there’s way too much to cover it all in this blog.

There are a ton more great acts coming this weekend. Here are some more that are guaranteed to PEAK your interest (get it?):

Digging Roots at CROW (Collingwood) on Wednesday night, and Johnson Crook on Saturday night.

Miranda Journey at the Village Stage (Blue Mountain) on Thursday night.

GRACE at Harbour Street (Collingwood) on Saturday night.

Jayden Grahlman at The Corner Café (Thornbury) on Saturday night.

Justin Maki at the Village Stage (Blue Mountain) on Sunday night.

THE WRAP UP PARTY ft. Horseshoes and Handgrenades at Firehall Pizza Co. (Blue Mountain) on Sunday night.