Who's playing this weekend? September 26-29

This weekend at a glance: electro-pop, gritty folk rock, singer-songwriter, blues, opera, and bluegrass.

(Not all at the same show.)

There’s a lot going on this weekend, but here are some shows that particularly pique my interest. I encourage you to check out the full calendar to see what’s the best fit for you and your buddies.

Friday, September 27th

The PepTides at Heartwood Hall 8:30pm

A-e-s-t-h-e-t-i-c. These guys look and sound the part of electro-pop; it’s like ‘80s new wave, but modernized. There’s also a ton of soul and funk elements in here. I’m really intrigued.

Rebecca Rain at Huron Club 8pm

I’ve been itching to go see local singer-songwriter Rebecca Rain perform again. She’s a total sweetheart, and has the chops to match. With her latest single, ‘Heartbreak Revival’, you would expect to find her in a Nashville bar, but we are lucky enough to have her right here in Collingwood!

Saturday, September 28th

Black Suit Devil at The Corner 8pm

Last year, Sari Connell did a Q&A with Black Suit Devil for Route 26. You can find that here. His songwriting style has elements of classic folk artists like Bob Dylan, mixed with the grittiness and soul of someone like Chris Cornell. The Corner would be a perfect spot to catch him (while enjoying a pint).

Rob Elder at Crow 10pm

Pretty sure I’ve recommended Rob in one of these blog posts before, but it’s because he deserves it! Incredible homegrown talent here. I love his music. And getting out to Crow on a Saturday night is always a good time.

Sunday, September 29th

A couple of cool things going on this Sunday, as well. So don’t stay out too late Saturday night ;).

Rhyme ‘N’ Reason at Desboro Music Hall 2pm

Like bluegrass? Harmonies? Pickin’? These guys blend traditional and gospel styles of bluegrass, and they sound killer. (Hey Uncle Rob, if you’re reading this–serious harmony inspiration here!)

Music for a Sunday Afternoon 3pm

This series at Simcoe Street Theatre (Collingwood) always brings in really great music. This weekend you’ll hear beautiful and familiar arias from some real pro opera singers. Ahhhh it’ll be so beautiful in that theatre!


There’s actually a ton of stuff going on this weekend. Not just in music, but also in fun Fall artsy type festival things. I’m planning on a big hike with my pals and my puppy. See you out there!