I Went to Diner En Blanc South Georgian Bay and Had a Good Time.

I’m a 28 year old lady. Diner en Blanc tends to attract an older demographic of shmoozers.

But hey, I like to shmooze too. So when Lori D’Agostino–host and organizer of Diner en Blanc South Georgian Bay–invited me to attend, I perked up.

I’m a big fan of costumes, interesting people, good food, and (duh) excellent music. She told me that the special musical guest was a surprise (as is the location) until the day of the event for this exclusive party, but I knew that last year it was Lemon Bucket Orkestra, who are fricking dope. I wondered for a while about who it could be… who fits those perfect metrics of being somewhat known, from Ontario, writes original songs, is great for a party atmosphere with a wide age-range and taste demographics, and is also willing to come up to Collingwood for a Saturday night in the middle of the summer?

The Sadies? Samantha Martin? Jenn Grant? Rich Aucoin?

I have to admit that it was my partner, Nelson Beattie, who said “Maybe they’ll have KC Roberts & the Live Revolution”.

It was KC Roberts & the Live Revolution.

The band has just come off of their European tour. We spoke with trumpeter Brian Walters (who Nelson used to play with in My Son the Hurricane.. #wellconnected), who explained that the band had been flown in to Germany to play in a castle in front of thousands of people. Apparently they had been championed by a big fan, so they turned the experience into a full-blown tour. Don’t believe me? Here’s the festival event page for KC Roberts’ performance in Oldenburg, Germany.

Bear with me and let me gush about this band for a sec. K thanx.

THESE GUYS ARE TIGHT IN TWO MEANINGS OF THE WORD. They are tight as in very cool and hip and educated, and also tight as in extreeeemely well-rehearsed with nailed down grooves, rhythms, abstractions, harmonies, etc., etc.

If you haven’t heard them before, you just have to press play on this right now:

(sidenote: I had never seen this video before, and holy god I am even more in love now)

NEEDLESS TO SAY, they rocked it. Phenomenal band. Kudos to the event organizers for bringing them out. There was plenty of dancing and carrying on.

————————- Music rant done.

Even if they hadn’t had such a fantastic band, I still would’ve had a dope time.

Any of my friends will tell you that I’m obsessed with Halloween. I pretty much start thinking about my costume on November 1st. It’s just so much fun to dress up in costume and step into a different persona for an evening. (Secret: I think this year I’m going to be Tweety Bird and Nelson will be Sylvester. I may or may not have already placed the kigurumi order.)

Basically, if there’s any excuse to have over the top, elaborate costumes, and focus a party around a theme, I’m down.

So down.

And most of my evening this past Saturday night was spent marvelling at the beautiful people around me. I saw lots of gorgeous people wearing gorgeous clothes. I hardcore ogled them because they deserved to be ogled. (I’m looking at you, ladies of Cora Couture.)

I even DIYed myself a floral crown from Walmart goods (don’t @ me) to get into the spirit. Steven Vipond (owner of Bruce Wine Bar and Crow Bar & Variety) didn’t hesitate to comment on the fact that the greenery in my floral crown made my hair look green. Thanks Steve. I know you’re reading this.

It was really fun to just wander around with Nelson, talk to some local buddies, make new friends (like the lovely ladies of The Spa Truck), and enjoy a beautiful summer evening.

I will note that we didn’t have the full dinner experience (*cough* westoppedatWendy’sonthewayhome *cough*) so I can’t speak to that part of the event, but it looked like people were having a great time.

There was champagne.

———————————— What I WILL Say…

This is a very special night, and a very special experience.

What I WILL say, is that I wish it were more inclusive.

‘Diner En Blanc’ originated in Paris, France, where now over 15,000 guests attend each year. It has spread to many countries and cities across the globe.

To attend, you must be a ‘member’ or sponsored by a member. After doing a little research, I see that it can cost as little as about $50 (event entrance plus ‘membership’ fee) to attend in some cities. I think that’s awesome.

Collingwood, and South Georgian Bay in general, is growing in population and developing specifically in the areas of small business, entrepreneurship, and the Arts. I would like to see it full of open-minded, curious, welcoming people like myself. (And hey, if they happen to be great conversationalists and have a keen interest in the Arts, that’s cool too.)

I think that what that means is making events like this open and welcoming to a younger demographic like myself.

Now, hey, I did not organize this event. I don’t know their target demographic. But that’s my two-cents. Make it more accessible and more fun for younger people.

The Collingwood I want to live in is forward-thinking and hip. I think that this event is forward-thinking and hip. But I also think that there weren’t too many people there under the age of 30.

—————————————- Pictures.

As followers of this page will know, I’m not really a photographer. I like music. But I did borrow my Dad’s camera for the night to take some photos.